Do you offer refunds for camp?

No, the camp fee is non-refundable. All payments are final. This includes if camp is cancelled or cut short due to weather conditions.

Do we need to bring helmets and shoulder pads?

No. Just cleats (no metal/track cleats) and workout clothes. This is a non-contact camp; no helmets/shoulder pads are needed. Please do not bring personal items such as footballs, iPods, or any other valuables to camp. Coach Dave Clawson Football Camps, LLC is not responsible for any lost of stolen property. Gatorade is provided but it is always smart to bring some water.

Is this an instructional camp?

Campers will be coached, but this is not a "learn to play football" camp.

Can Specialists come?

Yes, but we encourage specialists to attend our specialist camp.

Can parents watch?

Yes. We encourage parents to attend if convenient. Due to insurance reasons, it is mandatory that all non-participants at camp remain either in the end zone of McCreary Field House or the sidelines of the Doc Martin Practice Fields.

Can a camper switch camps?

Yes, if a camper wants to change a camp date, the camper would need to send Ben Baker an email (bakerbc@wfu.edu) at least a day in advance of the camp date he wants to switch from.

Do I need to send in the medical form before camp?

No. Bring all required forms with you when you check into camp at registration.

What happens in the event of the inclement weather?

Safety is our #1 priority. In the event of severe weather (lightning/torrential rains), we must remain indoors until it passes. If delay is significant we will move camp into McCreary Field House on campus. Parent and spectators will not be allowed in field house due to the limited field space.

Will camp sessions include a campus tour?

Due to time constraints, we are unable to provide you with a campus tour during our football camp.